Back in the Game

Josh Fredkin (21-year-old student)

In high school, I was a football player, and lived and breathed the game. In my training, I did bodybuilding exercises, which I was told would create the body I needed for the sport. But then, in the middle of my senior year, I tore my right quadriceps in a game. That injury not only ended my dreams of becoming a professional football player, but also broke my spirit. After rehabilitating the injury with physical therapy, I went back to lifting weights: bench presses, bicep curls, and all the other things I thought would make me strong again. I even got a trainer, who encouraged these types of lifts, so I thought I was on the right track.

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At the same time, I was paying zero attention to my diet, so by the time I was heading into my second year of college, my 200-pound linebacker build had become a 250-pound blob. I had developed useless muscle and gained loads of fat, while losing flexibility and speed by training the wrong way. The time I had put into turning my body back into a machine had been wasted. My trainer, whom I respected so much, had simply helped to make me unathletic. I was embarrassed, angry, and disheartened, but I didn't know what to do with it.

Then I met Aniela and Jerzy Gregorek, who quickly determined that I was 50 pounds overweight and had 26% body fat. They told me that I would lose the 50 pounds in 25 weeks if I went on The Happy Body program, which would actually involve lifting lighter weights than I was lifting at the time, in order to relax my body and recover my flexibility. I would also need to significantly change my eating habits.

Although I was desperate to get back in shape, I was skeptical that The Happy Body program could help me to do that. I was so set in my ways of doing bench presses and bicep curls and eating whatever I wanted that I didn't buy in right away. However, because I had seen my parents and my sister improve dramatically by following the program, I decided to give it a try. That was one of the best decisions I have ever made. In the first month, after losing 10 pounds, I fired my other trainer and totally embraced The Happy Body program.

Of all the coaches I have had in my life (and I have had many), Aniela and Jerzy have achieved the best resultsÂ…and without exhaustion or pain. Now, not even a year after starting their program, I am down to 198 pounds and 13% body fat. Also, although I was once very proud of my high bench press numbers while lying on my back, now I can push almost the same amount of weight all the way over my head while standing.

Aniela and Jerzy have taught me the simplicity of how the body works and what it needs. Since I started the program, I look at nutrition and fitness through different eyes, putting much more emphasis now on doing the right things for my health. I am in better shape today than I ever have been in my life, all from following Aniela and Jerzy's plan. Through their help, I not only healed my injuries, but became stronger than ever.

I have also gained a passion for the sport of weightlifting. Aniela and Jerzy are now both my weightlifting and my Happy Body coaches, as well as my mentors in life. I have regained my drive to become a competitive athlete, and I again believe in myself, which is perhaps the most important thing of all. It took an injury to get me out of football and into doing what I truly needed to do. I'm more in the game now than I ever was.

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