Muffin Top

Sandra Hahamian (43-year-old fitness trainer)

I have always been naturally thin and looked good in clothes. When I turned 40 I learned that looks could be deceiving. When "low cut" jeans became the rage, I noticed that I always seemed to have a roll hanging over the side. I chocked this up to the cut of the jeans and certainly not body fat. I thought I was making healthy food choices and I was exercising all the time, but the "roll" just would not go away. I also developed sciatica, which was getting worse each year.

When I decided to take the plunge with the Happy Body program I thought I would be in and out the door. Lose a few pounds and the roll would disappear. Was I wrong! Though tall and slim, I was actually carrying around 38 percent body fat (hello, muffin top). I could not believe it. I also discovered through the program that I was eating most of the good foods for my body; it was the timing and the combinations that were storing fat on me.

I quickly began to drop my body fat and, combined with The Happy Body exercise program, saw my muscles come alive. My sciatica disappeared. I had suffered with numbness throughout my right leg and low back pain for more years than I can count. Jerzy and Aniela took the time to show me the proper way to perform squats, abdominals, to walk and to relax. It was simple and refreshing to know that I could make such significant changes in my body in such little time. Six months into the program I was down to 20% body fat and size 4 jeans. No more muffin top!

I have referred many people to Jerzy and Aniela. I tell them all the same thing: You have to be ready to change your body. You cannot assume a quick fix diet book will do the trick. You have to do the work, respect your body, challenge your old habits, and learn to breathe. The biggest change that occurs during the program is how you think about food. Food is not a soft blanket when you are troubled; it is not a tub of ice cream to soothe your pain. It is fuel for your lifestyle. The Happy Body program creates a whole new way of thinking about food and fitness. It changed my life, and three years later I have not turned back.

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