Untwisting My Body

Mary Lynn Moran (44-year-old facial plastic surgeon)

My introduction to the enlightened pair, Jerzy and Aniela Gregorek, came about through a friend. After years of struggling with body issues, she was taking back her power, and credited Jerzy and Aniela for the results, which were amazing, even miraculous. The Gregoreks, she said, were not only skilled at helping people lose weight and become fit, but they also helped with pain and back dysfunction. I had been struggling with back pain that only responded partially to physical therapy and steroid injections. Massage had been the most helpful, but never completely resolved the problem.

The first time I walked into Jerzy and Aniela's lovely home, I thought that I was just going to have a little chat with them about my situation. Instead, I walked out with photos of my twisted body and a "Bible" on how I was to live my life from that point forward. They pointed out issues relating to my posture, walking, and lifting that greatly helped me to understand why I was having so much difficulty recovering.

Every week, they would modify my regimen, depending on how my body responded to the routine. I found this feedback incredibly helpful, given the tenuous nature of my back problems. Whenever I performed a long surgery, spent too much time on a plane, or did something to aggravate my back, such as simply pick up my dogs, Jerzy and Aniela adjusted the treatment plan so that I could not only avoid worsening my back, but actually speed up healing.

As a bonus, they are lovely people, and I always look forward to my Monday evening meetings with them. Over a cup of Marco Polo tea, we discuss all my recent health problems, and I have a chance to relax with their cat on my lap, and their delightful daughter, Natalie, drawing happy faces in my "Bible." I feel so fortunate to have made their acquaintance and hope to continue to share their friendship for a very long time.

In the meanwhile, all over my little village, I see more and more people walking around happier and healthier, thanks to Jerzy and Aniela's supportive guidance and expertise.

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