Pictures Don't Lie

Lighia Coleman (43 -year-old nurse)

On August 16, 2004, I met Aniela and Jerzy in the hospital where I work. I was privileged to be part of their joyful and special day-the birth of their daughter, Natalie.

lighia face after lighia face before

As we were waiting for Natalie to arrive, I was surprised to learn that Aniela was eight years older than I, and, although she was nine months pregnant, she was still in better physical shape than I was. I already knew from the other nurses that she and Jerzy were weightlifting coaches. At that time, I thought weightlifting was only for professional athletes, so it never occurred to me to do it myself. Nevertheless, I realized that I needed some kind of change in my lifestyle.

Two years earlier, I had followed a diet that all the women at work were doing, and I had lost over ten pounds. But then there was a death in my family, I began to overeat, and the weight slowly came back. Although I didn't want to be another overweight woman in her early forties, I was intimidated by weightlifting, and so it took me two weeks before I picked up the phone and spoke to Jerzy about The Happy Body program. Right away, he removed any hesitation I had.

The first time we met, he took those dreaded pictures. It was not until then that I really felt old and overweight (pictures don't lie). But even after seeing myself on the computer screen, I wasn't sure if I had it in me to make the commitment. It took me another two weeks before I was ready to start the program.

lighia back before lighia back before

The first few months were difficult for me. In addition to performing new exercises, I had to learn to eat healthier foods on a schedule. But I gradually felt better and better, and by the eighth month, I felt great. My overall attitude was lighthearted. I no longer saw everything as a chore. My joints didn't ache anymore, and I could bend down and touch the floor-something I hadn't been able to do for years. Best of all, I lost twenty five pounds of body fat and dropped two dress sizes. Yahoo!

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