Diabetic Mama

Maryleen Weavers (27-year-old veterinary student)

I started exercising because I was overweight and my doctor recommended exercise to stabilize my blood sugar, since I have had diabetes all my life. Because of that, I had to monitor my blood sugar 24 hours a day with a device attached to my body. Otherwise, I might go into a coma. I also developed all kinds of allergies and had little energy or strength. Furthermore, my self-esteem was low. I dreamed of having children, but my doctor warned me not to get pregnant, because it could threaten my life.

That's when I met Aniela. Her holistic approach to health and fitness was so appealing that I actually started looking forward to exercising. She also taught me how to eat properly and how to relax by using meditation and aroma and music therapy.

The changes in my appearance were dramatic. I started to wear sleeveless shirts to show off my arm muscles, and to wear shorts to show off my legs, which looked terrific. The stronger I became, the more energy I had. Also, I rarely had blood sugar problems anymore, to the point that I stopped wearing the monitor.

After a year with Aniela, I got pregnant and decided to keep a diary for my child to read in case something happened to me. But then, against all odds, I delivered a beautiful, healthy daughter. When I started thinking about having another baby, my doctor strongly urged me not to risk it. Well, not long after that, I got pregnant again, gave birth, and my second daughter and I are doing just fine.

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