The Journey Unfolds

Wendy Cook (40-year-old physician)

The journey unfolds slowly, perfectlyÂ…each small change forward a reward in itself. I think about my life a year ago, when I was physically weak and limping with hip pain. My mind was filled with thoughts that prevented me from being present in my life. I was unhappy, but I was so used to living out of balance that I didn't really know how unhappy I was.

During the past year of working with Jerzy and Aniela, I learned a new way of seeing and being. My mind is calmer, clearer, and lighter. I laugh more. I'm learning to let go and move forward. My work, my marriage, my whole day is more in balance. I don't limp anymore. I am fully present as I walk, bike, swim, and dance with my family. I am happy.

When I look back at my life, I feel total gratitude. I could have missed the joy in life, missed the big picture. Now I have many present moments each day. Knowing this gives me a sense of peace. I am grateful to Jerzy and Aniela for guiding me with such authenticity and natural grace. Their craft is exquisite and evolved-a product of many years of personal and professional work.

When I think of Jerzy's smile and the light in his eyes, I smile too. He's got something that you cannot put a price tag on. He's got life at its best. And, luckily for me and his other clients, he's willing to bring us along for the ride.

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