Steak with Vodka

Don Luskin (51-year-old businessman)

All my life, I've always had the good fortune to find gurus-people who have taught me whole new ways to think and to live. But by the time I reached the age of 51, I thought the world had run out of them. Then I met the Gregoreks-who may be my best gurus yet.

Gurus aren't just people who can do impossible things. They help others to do impossible things. Aniela and Jerzy certainly qualify after what they've done for me and my wife, Christine. She struggled with her weight for more than twenty years, but nothing helped. Diets, pills, nutritionists, endocrinologists-all failed. And then she found her gurus, Aniela and Jerzy. Now, just a few months later, she weighs less and is in better shape and better health than she was on the day I married her.

As for me, I've never had a serious weight problem, but I have had a serious fitness problem all my life. I've never played sports. Never worked out. I just never cared about it. And I was heading slowly but steadily downhill. Then Christine introduced me to Aniela and Jerzy, and here are all the impossible things they helped me to do:

I've lost thirty pounds of fat and gained eleven pounds of muscle, so now I've got a six pack! Before, I never even knew I had muscles there.

  • I work out every single day. Never miss one. And the impossible thing is that I like it.
  • I eat steak every day and put salt on it.
  • I eat hemp bread every day, and I like it.
  • I eat a pound of vegetables twice a day. Jerzy says I can sometimes substitute vodka for that, but, believe it or not, I've actually come to prefer the vegetables.

I'm living proof of the punch line of the greatest dirty joke ever told, "Under certain circumstances, you could eat a bowling ball."

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