My Own True Fairy Tale

Gwen Fuller (50-years-old life coach)

Once upon a time, there was a girl name Gwen, whose life was transformed when she witnessed Peggy Fleming win the gold medal in figure skating in the 1968 Olympics. "Someday, I too, will skate inspiring performances for arenas full of people," she proclaimed. At first, everyone said, "That's nice." Before long, however, she was skating 6 hours a day. She had never felt so exhilarated as when she was skating as fast as she could, spinning and jumping, almost defying gravity. Gwen's body was very happy.

When she grew up, Gwen shifted her life's focus to raising a family and becoming a life coach, but she made sure to rollerblade almost every day so she could still feel the thrill of the wind on her face as she sped along. Everything seemed wonderful--she looked athletic and fulfilled at age 40. But this was an illusion. Her body was in trouble. As part of a "wellness" check-up, she took a bone-density scan that revealed osteoporosis. She was devastated--her bones were as porous and brittle as those of the average 85-year-old woman! Gwen's body was miserable.

So, at age 40/85, she went to the very best doctors, who all gave her the same dire warning, "You will shatter if you fall, so it's urgent that you rebuild your bones." Her beloved skating was forbidden. In fact, almost any physical activity might be dangerous. Gwen was already taking calcium supplements, and she seemed like she was in great shape, so what more could she do? Five years passed as she consulted with physical therapists, personal trainers, and elite training centers, but none offered any legitimate and comprehensive formula for success with improving bone quality. Gwen's body was in limbo.

As a life coach, Gwen refused to abandon hope, and used her frustration, fear and anger to fuel her quest to find a daily routine that would rehabilitate her body. Finally, at age 48, she happened upon an article about the Gregoreks and The Happy Body program. She was so impressed by their philosophy, technique, and physiological knowledge, that she boldly found and called Jerzy's cell phone. He answered, and Gwen's body was on the road to recovery.

Nearly two years have passed and Gwen has consistently done the unique Happy Body workout that Jerzy and Aniela designed for her situation. When her recent bone-density scan showed her bones to be above average for her age, the doctor who read these amazing results, called them "heroic." Additionally, the Happy Body workout has improved Gwen's posture, flexibility, and strength. She has been given the green light to skate to her heart's content. At age 50, thanks to Jerzy and Aniela, Gwen's body is truly happy once again.

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