My Blood Work is Perfect

Samantha Dinsmore (58-year-old housewife)

I am a fifty-eight year old woman who always fought to gain even one pound during the first three decades of my life. Yes, fought to gain not lose. I could enjoy potatoes, rice, pasta, french fries, milk shakes, and my favorite desserts without any thought and without gaining any weight. At twenty-nine I was below 100 pounds even thought I ate anything and everything that I enjoyed without any guilt or weight gain.

Everything changed in my late-thirties. I went through early menopause and realized that my metabolism had changed even though my eating habits had not. I started to gain a pound at a time, which led to five pounds then ten pounds.

Like many of my female friends, in my forties all I had to do was think about dessert and I gained weight. My body and its ability to ward off the weight seemed to have changed over night. I was leading an active life, but since exercise had never been a part of my daily routine - other than playing tennis, chasing my children, and walking occasionally with friends to go into town for breakfast or lunch - I honestly did not give it much thought. It simply was not a priority in my life.

In my fifties, it was no longer pound-by-pound increments, but instead multiples of five pounds at a time. I was now up to almost one hundred and forty pounds. My 5'5" frame was literally uncomfortable. My knees and my neck ached, and I had now developed osteopenia, a condition characterized by low bone mineral density.

On the side of vanity my clothes had been replaced for the next size up all too often. The positive was that I knew how to dress and could disguise my rolls and lumps beautifully. The negative was that I was only fooling those on the outside: I knew that my own personal health and well-being were suffering. So, I joined a local workout facility and worked with a trainer three days a week. I was feeling a little stronger, but my body was not cooperating. I wasn't shedding the pounds, and my pants size was not changing.

It was the Christmas of 2005 when I realized that it was finally time to start taking care of myself. I had raised two daughters who were now whole and healthy young women. I had devoted all of my time to them, and now it was time to make myself the priority.

I had watched a dear friend who had worked with Jerzy and Aniela regain her youthful appearance and shrink before my eyes. She was stunning and felt as good as she looked. I made the call that would change the course of my life and especially my health. I was thrilled. I actually had an appointment and, with that, made the commitment to take care of myself. I will however share a little secret with you: Jerzy offered me my first appointment in December, but I told him in all honesty that I wanted to have one last fling with my favorite foods over the holiday before beginning on this journey with The Happy Body program.

By January, I had completely indulged myself with stuffing, gravy, dinner rolls, and, of course, my favorite desserts. When I went to my initial meeting with Jerzy, I went home wondering how I was going to live on The Happy Body regime. That first week, I even told my husband, with tears in my eyes, that there was no way I could do this. At the end of that week, I went for my first weigh in. I had actually lost weight. The first month I lost ten pounds! I was now committed.

The Happy Body program, and the wonderful couple behind it, taught me the importance of how nutrition and exercise work together. You can't have success unless you have both of these components working as a team. They also taught me how food works: starch turns into sugar, which turns into unnecessary and unhealthy calories. These were relationships that I had never truly understood before. They are the essentials to living a happy life and to having a happy body.

Over the years with Jerzy and Aniela I have fluctuated at times. I have had many times of splurging beyond what I should, but I always come back to the basics. When I do, they help to get me back on track and adjust my exercise and diet routines accordingly. I have even gotten permission to indulge in the pure delight of chocolate once a week. I have seen so many positive changes in my health and well-being, including the fact that my knees and neck no longer hurt. As a matter of fact, I can't remember the last time that anything hurt. My internist reports on my annual physical report that my blood work is "perfect," my osteopenia has also improved, and I have never felt better.

This is a program that works. These are two professional and devoted people who have a gift to share with anyone who is willing to make the commitment. I would encourage everyone to make themselves a priority in their lives.

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