Such a Nice Butt!

Elissa Hirsh (dog breeder & trainer, age 61)

I've been doing THB workout for about a year now. Even though I was a vegetarian, which I thought was healthy, I had gotten sloppy and become obese (a size 20), prompting me to seek out an integrative nutritionist to lose weight. About 70 pounds lighter, though I felt much better, I had reached a plateau. It became clear to me that an effective exercise program was what I needed.

A friend who had become utterly transformed -- into a slender, lithe, strong and flexible beauty -- shared her Happy Body workout with me. I immediately bought the book, which explains each exercise in very clear detail. I just love that I can do this workout at home, in my bare feet, using only hand weights. The 45 minutes just flies right by. It is a fluid and joyful workout, using every muscle in my body. The concluding five minutes of meditation with music is perfect and positively effects my whole day.

I have lost 10 pounds more on THB and am now a size 6. For the first time in my life, I am thrilled with how my body is toning and changing shape. Learning to eat according to THB Program was an easy transition for me. Though I knew generally how to eat well, the three-hour rule, for example, was new to me and has been a cornerstone in my progress. A friend I had not seen since starting THB recently said, "Your work-out program is pretty darn impressive. You are the only 61-year-old woman I know with such a nice butt!"

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