The Compliments Are Rolling In

Linda Finer Jameson (56-year-old beautician)

The last six months have been an amazing experience for me, ever since I began working with Jerzy. I first heard about him from several friends and clients, who all said wonderful things about him and how he had changed their lives. But I thought I was doing fine. Was I ever wrong!

Then a friend I hadn't seen in many months came to visit, and I couldn't believe how she looked. She had always been slender and attractive, but now she radiated health and physical strength. I was amazed that she was my own age.

All my life I had worked out with personal trainers and followed every diet there was, but I didn't look anything like my friend. I was 56 years old and menopausal, and I felt that the aging process was catching up with me. When I told my friend that I wanted what she had, she said that there was something I hadn't tried yet…Jerzy.

I decided to call him, and am I glad I did. When I met him, he told me I could reverse the aging process, and at the age of 80 would be as strong and flexible as a 20-year-old. After listening to his explanation of how the physical body works, I believed him.

Within three months, I saw amazing changes in my body, even though I didn't have as much time to exercise as I wanted. Today, I feel younger and more agile than I have in decades. The compliments to my figure keep rolling in, and Jerzy says I have just begun.

Recently, my chiropractor wanted to know what I was doing because my adjustments were holding and my body was so much stronger. I gave him Jerzy's phone number.

Jerzy has given me more than just physical exercises. I now know the difference between a trainer and a coach, for he has taught me how to balance my life in all areas. I am honored to be working under his guidance and expertise.

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