How I Returned My Bone Density to Normal

Judy Hecker (60-year-old Jungian psychoanalyst)

A few years after having chemotherapy and radiation for breast cancer, I had a bone scan and learned that my bone density was ominous. In my hips, the scan showed that I had only 47% of the density that is normal for a woman my age, and only 49% in the neck. The radiologist stressed the urgency of my situation: I needed to start taking medication and calcium supplements immediately.

However, I never liked taking medications. In fact, I had always avoided them whenever possible. Nevertheless, during the chemotherapy, I had taken enough pills for a lifetime. Now I couldn't take hormone replacement therapy for the bone problem because it might increase the chances of the cancer recurring. The radiologist suggested some medications that are different from hormone replacement therapy medications, but still stop bone loss and increase bone density.

However, my weightlifting coaches, Aniela and Jerzy Gregorek, told me that they had had good success with improving the bone density of other clients by increasing the pressure on their bones with heavier and heavier weights, and advised me to try their methods for a year instead of taking medications. My doctor was doubtful, but agreed to wait one year.

The Gregoreks modified The Happy Body program for me to focus on bone density, and when I had myself tested a year later, I had 99% of the bone density of a normal woman my age!

Judy  Squat Judy Snatch Press Squat
Judy  Squat Side Judy Snatch Press Squat Side

After two years of training Judy completely recovered her bone density in her hips and legs.

This year she works on the final stage, STANDARD of QUICKNESS


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