Do I Look Fat in This?

Kristine Anderson (50-year-old business consultant)

I kept hearing about Aniela and Jerzy Gregorek's Happy Body program from my friend Pam, who took fifteen years off her appearance in six months. She told me that the program included a coached exercise routine, a nutritional strategy, and relaxation techniques. All I knew was that, at 50, without much effort, Pam seemed to be in charge of her health and appearance.

Meanwhile, I was committed to a regular routine of swimming, biking, and running that was only resulting in gradual weight gain and increasing joint pain. I often felt that I needed a Tylenol just to get out of bed in the morning. I believed that these problems were a result of aging, so I didn't change my exercise routine. Often as I got dressed, I would ask my husband that dreaded question, "Do I look fat in this?" From the look on his face, I could tell that the truthful answer was yes.

So, after seeing Pam's youthful transformation, I decided to become a client of the Gregoreks. In two months, I was gaining muscle mass, losing fat, and my joint pain was disappearing. But beyond that, I learned some very important lessons about how to take care of my body so that it would last me a lifetime. In my individual coaching sessions, Jerzy and Aniela talked about concepts such as taking care of my body, as opposed to using it up. They taught me exercises to improve my posture and to increase my flexibility and strength, and they supported this with advice about proper nutrition. But, most of all, they taught me to relax, not only during meditation but also during exercise. In fact, in my whole life.

Before I met Jerzy and Aniela, I had believed that the more I exercised, the more I would achieve. But they taught me that I had to find the balance between too much exercise and not enough, and that my body would tell me every day what that balance is.

Their expert knowledge and persistent guidance enabled me to achieve goals that I never dreamed possible at my age. Much to my delight, I am now engaged in the exciting sport of weightlifting, which I see as a tool for continued progress in my fitness.

A year ago, I obsessed about my appearance. Now it never enters my mind. My weight is down, my joints no longer ache, and my husband never has to answer the dreaded question.

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