Doing the Right Thing

Barbara Stefik (50-year-old psychologist)

I started the Happy Body with Jerzy and Aniela during a very stressful time in my life. I was not sleeping at night and was feeling apprehensive and worried throughout my day. I came to their home weekly to learn the daily exercise program and to establish new ways of eating. The kindness and support I received during that time were beyond what I would ever have anticipated.

The program not only looks at exercise and nutrition but challenges a person to look at habits that are counterproductive to well being. There were many issues that I had to work with such as snacking, and eating a lot of sweets. Eating on a schedule and eating protein throughout the day helped with both of these problems. Jerzy and Aniela have the gift of supporting a person in working through obstacles that get in the way of "doing the right thing" for your body and for your mind. Weekly meetings are more than rules about exercise and nutrition but teachings about life. In this way the student receives a deeper understanding of the importance of sincere effort and the willingness to change and become healthy.

As a way to start my day more positively I do the Happy Body exercises. I am amazed that 20 to 30 minutes of exercise and a 5 minute meditation practice can transform my mind from being agitated or depressed to feeling calm. I can do the exercises in my home in a short amount of time and get on with my day. The weightlifting keeps my body toned and strong. When you eat proper foods, in the right amount and on schedule your body naturally becomes, happier. The program is practical and manageable and profound change takes place from practicing the Happy Body.

I feel grateful that during a particularly stressful period, and when I most needed guidance both Jerzy and Aniela were there for me. They taught me the Happy Body Program and sat with me through a difficult time in my life. I have tremendous appreciation for the Gregorek's and their thoughtfully designed program "The Happy Body".

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