Going Against the Pack

Susan Myers (58-year-old, community volunteer)

Jerzy and Aniela have changed my life. I totally believe in their approach to exercise and eating; their philosophy about the way to live, and their pursuit of excellence is something that anyone can aspire to, as long as they are willing to make the commitment.

Like what happens to so many, since I turned 40, I had gradually put on a fair amount of weight to my slight frame, and I had been in denial about how much I really weighed. I had even lied on my driver's license, thinking that if I said I weighed 10 pounds less, it really didn't matter, and it made me feel better.

When I began the program in 2005, Jerzy asked me to do two things: get on the scale first. When I told him I wasn't sure I wanted to, he said that it was important to know the truth - a good thing - so I did. I also had to put on a bikini and be photographed from the front, the back, and - God, help me - the side. I made it through that first appointment and decided after all that to pursue the program 100%.

Facing the music by getting on the scale was the beginning of a huge commitment I made to myself. By following the program completely, I lost 26 pounds in 8 months. By February 2006, I touched down on the goal weight of 110, a weight I thought I could never see again, and one I thought Aniela and Jerzy were crazy to expect I could achieve.

After a while, the whole program, which included the diet, tools to balance your glycemic index, and The Happy Body series of exercises, was something I committed to memory and did automatically. I loved the meditation music I listened to after doing my weights, as well. I calmed down and lost weight. I started to feel a new confidence, and I was amazed to see the changes in my body and in my life. People around me started to notice the changes in me, too. Instead of going with the pack, I was committing to something that forced me to separate myself from what is considered to be the norm. For instance, I started taking all my own bread, almond butter, and bars with me when I traveled. My almond butter and bars - both regular foods for me on the program - have seen Norway, Papua New Guinea, New York, Park City, and many other places around the world. Where I go, they go.

Once I got to my maintenance weight and shape, I started experimenting with eating out and splurging on occasion; on drinking more and having fun and enjoying life. Jerzy and Aniela have been very supportive and helpful to me as I encountered a whole new world and found the right balance for myself.

It has been 4 years, and I have maintained and held myself accountable to my goals. I will be eternally grateful to both Jerzy and Aniela for giving me the tools to succeed. They are wonderful people and I have learned through my own experience that what they tell me is real. It works. I love how I feel, how I look, and how it has given me a sense of freedom to be in my own body and to feel so much more balanced than I have ever felt before.

This is a pursuit of excellence and I wouldn't want it any other way.

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