Ever Since My Mid-Twenties.

Michele Raffin (53-year-old writer)

I have led an active life ever since my mid-twenties. My main form of exercise has been running, but I've also hiked, biked, swum, and practiced Pilates. I also lifted weights for a while.

Although I wasn't thrilled with my weight, I told myself that it was "mainly muscle." And, besides, no woman is ever content with her weight.

Then I had my first bone density test. Since I had run for years, I expected to be off the charts-my bones had to be strong. But they weren't. I had osteoporosis. My doctor put me on bone-building medicine and suggested that I lift weights again.

Not long after that, I heard about The Happy BodyTM from my neighbor, who had been doing the program for a couple of months and looked awesome. However, when I heard what it entailed, I balked. "What, no running? And less than thirty minutes a day of lifting? Impossible!"

I kept inventing reasons why the program couldn't work, but she kept demonstrating that it did. So, I joined, and I haven't looked back since. The reasons that brought me to The Happy BodyTM are not the reasons I stay. I started the program because I wanted my body to be stronger. I stay because it makes my mind stronger. I joined because I wanted to balance my aerobic activity with weightlifting. Now the program has become my aerobic activity. I came thinking that I would succeed because I work hard. What I've learned is that success is also dependent on relaxation-that letting go is as important as pushing,

I could conclude by saying that The Happy Body program enabled me to achieve my goals, but that wouldn't be accurate. My goals weren't high enough. I'm still not in touch with the boundaries of what I can achieve through practicing The Happy Body craft. And that is exciting!

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