The Confidence to Know

Kelly Walsh (42-year-old career counselor)

I had been trying unsuccessfully for years to lose weight on my own through structured programs and with a lot of exercise. Nothing was happening; I would lose five pounds at the most, and it would come right back. My clothes didn't fit; I hated seeing myself in pictures and would never get in the pool with my young children because I wouldn't put on a bathing suit. Plus, I have a history of heart disease in my family and have high cholesterol. I was living in my very Unhappy Body, and I knew I needed to lose some weight if I wanted to be around to see my kids grow up. Then, last summer, a friend happened to tell me about Jerzy and Aniela. I was intrigued because I was at rock bottom with my weight issues so I emailed Jerzy and set up my first meeting with him a few weeks later.

The first meeting was emotionally rough. Jerzy took my measurements and pictures from all angles in a small bathing suit that he gave me when I arrived at his home office. He told me I should lose 60 pounds. Boy, was I shocked! I went into the first meeting thinking that if I lost about 25 pounds I'd be happy. I didn't think it was realistic to lose that much weight. A funny thing happened though: as the pounds started coming off, and I was eating more healthfully than I had in years, that goal didn't seem so far-fetched.

I also started listening to Jerzy and Aniela more about the exercise component of their program. I have always loved doing cardio workouts and was doing a cardio "boot camp" when I started with them. They strongly discouraged me from continuing with it, and after my boot camp session ended I didn't renew. As the months went on I heard more and more stories about friends with early arthritis, back and knee problems based on years of overuse and training, and I came to accept what the Gregoreks teach about strength, flexibility, and creating a happy body as opposed to fostering a broken, tired one.

The Happy Body diet, too, is really quite easy to follow. I've come to love my hemp bread with egg whites in the mornings and don't miss the old cereal, bagels, muffins I used to eat. But you do have to follow the whole program. One month, after a few weeks of not losing weight, I told Aniela I thought I'd reached a plateau. She called me on it, and she was right: I wasn't following the program completely. Because it's all scientifically based, if you follow their plan you absolutely lose weight. If you don't lose weight then you aren't following the plan.

At certain increments Jerzy again takes measurements and bathing suit pictures and has you look at your latest pictures, side by side with your old ones. It is amazing to look at the differences, and it motivates you to keep going. As of now I've lost 23 pounds, and I definitely feel much better than when I started. I fit into all of my pre-pregnancy clothes and can't wait to buy new clothes when I reach my goal.

I still have a ways to go to reach my Happy Body state, but I finally have a solid plan that works for me and have the confidence to know that I can and will do it. Thank you Jerzy and Aniela!

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