Julia Dillingham (marketing consultant, age 65)

Why couldn’t I just stand up straight? I’d pull at the back of my jacket to force my shoulders back and down. And why did I have this bloated belly? It was time to do something about my body and I thought maybe I’d lose some weight. After I lost 10 pounds, I did feel better. But it was kind of exhausting figuring out what to eat, how much and how to work out. Maybe I needed to join a gym or find a trainer but I didn’t like either idea.

An announcement of an upcoming The Happy Body class popped up in front of me. It was Saturday and the class started Monday morning — not a lot of time to do research. TheHappyBody.com drew me in and the ideas and program absolutely resonated with me and what I wanted for my body. On Monday morning, I sat in my chair in the class, kind of surprised to be there. It felt like the perfect place to be to become friends with my body again.

Jerzy and Aniela are amazing coaches — always supportive, helpful, knowledgeable and mindful — not like the relentless trainers I’d imagined. Rather than turning the improvement of my body over to them, they helped me take responsibility for my own body, workouts and diet. The new ideas about how to work out and eat felt totally right for me.

Jerzy explained that The Happy Body is an on-going process and set of choices. Aniela put her hands on my chest and back, correcting my posture so that I knew how it felt to stand up straight. The sciatica is now gone, the little aches and pains are gone, the bloated belly is gone. I can stand up straight again and I am now the weight I was when I was 25. My daily workout is enjoyable and I am attracted to healthy food.

And best of all, I have so much fun running around and playing with my very lively grandchildren.

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