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Happy Body. Happy Life.
The Happy Body will help you achieve a youthful body by developing:
Flexibility, Strength, Speed, Leanness, Ideal Body Weight, and Good Posture.
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Aniela & Jerzy Gregorek
The Happy Body Creators
"Hard choices, easy life. Easy choices, hard life."
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The most potentially damaging myth about exercise is that its main purpose is to burn calories. This eliminates any joy associated with the activity, making it obsessive and stressful. In addition to discouraging people from actually exercising, this myth also stifles improvement.

The Happy Body returns joy to the practice of exercise, helping to infuse your body with a sense of dignity. You cannot fall in love with burning calories but you CAN fall in love with exercise, the RIGHT KIND of exercise, properly executed.

Exercise should relieve the stress that is accumulated on a daily basis, rather than add to is. The approach is one of mindfulness, so the mind is focused at any given moment on what the body is doing.
The same principles that work for athletes also work for ordinary people of all ages.
Along the way you will learn:
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Assess your current fitness level and track your weekly progress in six key categories of youthfulness.
Ideal Body Weight Icon
Establish your Ideal Body Proportions based on 13 possible body types—and see visible changes every week.
Flexibility Icon
Set achievable goals and develop the ideal exercise profile and nutrition plan for your specific body type.
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Learn eating and exercise techniques that maximize your proportion of muscle to fat.
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Get and keep your body in perfect condition doing as little as 30 minutes of exercise a day.
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Save money and decrease waste by making smart food choices and having fun in the kitchen (mouthwatering recipes included!).
Change your relationship with food and exercise today. 
The Happy Body Logo
The Happy Body is a program based on standards and goals that our clients achieve following our "recipe." It uses step-by-step, easy to follow charts and formulas, along with concise written instructions, detailing a personalized fitness plan consisting of 18 exercises that one can do in their own home with a set of hand weights.

If at any time throughout the program you need help please check out our Q&A page and submit any questions you have to us there.
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