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Ensure you have proper form while achieving your Happy Body.

Exercise 2.4 – Rocking Trunk

A fantastic accompaniment to The Happy Body book. Master the movements by watching them performed by Aniela and Jerzy Gregorek.

Originally available as DVDs, this set of exercise videos was created to make it easy and enjoyable to learn the innovative and effective Happy Body exercise program with progressive levels designed to enable anyone to safely master the movements.

Even those who are new or unaccustomed to exercise will be able to comfortably follow along as Aniela and Jerzy demonstrate in detail and slow motion every movement at every level.

Now you can take the creators of The Happy Body, Aniela and Jerzy Gregorek, along with you wherever you go. Let them instruct you at your convenience in this time-tested program for restoring flexibility, strength, muscle mass and good posture.

When used in conjunction with The Happy Body book, this system enables users to achieve youthfulness without pain or the use of toxic medications, reclaim a normal weight, and feel both more attractive and energetic.

  • All levels of exercises are demonstrated and included
  • Learn all the exercise and then follow along with the full FLOW for all three sequences
  • Videos are downloadable to save to your computer or device

You will receive instant access to the videos. 100% money back guarantee – only question asked is what could we have done better.