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The Tim Ferriss Show

The Lion of Olympic Weightlifting

Rdella Training

A World-Class Approach to Being Happy, Healthy, and Strong

Positive Change with Dorena

Jerzy Gregorek – The Founder of The Happy Body

San Francisco Chronicle

Masters of the Silicon Valley Fitness Universe

Tim Ferriss at Ted2017

Why you should define your fears instead of your goals

Google Talk

Keys to Youthful Living: The Power of Enough

San Francisco Examiner

Personal Best

The Sydney Morning Herald

Forever firm

Escape your limits

Beyond Success in Silicon Valley

Practical Stoic Podcast

Episode #221 – Interview with Jerzy Gregorek

Patricia Raskin Positive Living Show

Gregorek’s The Happy Body

The Hardy Haberland Show

Episode #120: Jerzy Gregorek

Modern Luxery

Best Trainers to the Stars

Killing Buddha

Naval Ravikant on Who He Admires


You’ve Made It – So  What Happens Next?

W Magazine

Body Language

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