The Happy Body Program

What makes it different from other things you’ve tried?


Getting off the treadmill

Most people lose weight and gain it back because, they choose an endurance exercise, like running on a treadmill, that not only burns fat but also muscle. As a result, after exhausting and, even worse, injuring themselves, they drift back to their old ways rationalizing they must eat more to overcome fatigue. The Happy Body exercise program teaches people how much is too little and how much is too much to lose fat and gain muscle efficiently.


Losing weight without giving up your favorite foods

Another reason why people lose weight and gain it back is that they have to give up the things they love to eat and drink: bread, sugar, chocolate, meat, potatoes, rice, beans, coffee, and alcohol. The other reason is that people dislike counting calories. The Happy Body food program enables people to lose fat and keep it off, as well as gain muscle without an obsessive way of measuring or giving up favorite foods.


Using relaxation to learn

The final reason why people lose weight and gain it back is that they never find time for relaxation. After they finish exercising they rush out of the door with long lists of things to do. When people are active in this way, they burn up sugar and muscle for energy. On the other hand, when they are relaxed they burn up fat. In fact they burn the most fat while sleeping. Therefore, The Happy Body program relaxes people during and after exercising.

The Happy Body training program gives you a proven, efficient, and mindful approach to exercise, with the promise to make you better over time. Every component of the program is 100% measurable, helping you know where to focus your energy to get consistent results.

Unlike going to the gym and doing sports for fun, this program is designed with progress in mind. You start by measuring yourself and your current state according to the six standards of a youghtful, healthy body:





Good posture

Ideal body


Flexibility is the capacity of the muscles and tendons to elongate or shorten for the purpose of movement. However, there can be no movement without strength.

We are most flexible when we are infants, but we are also at our weakest at that stage. We have to practice in order to gain the strength to turn over, sit up, crawl, and eventually stand. We lose flexibility because of how we live, not because we age.


Strength is the ability of muscles to generate force. Muscles can only exert force after receiving stimuli from the brain.

An experienced weightlifter may be able to lift three times as many pounds as a beginner. What makes the experienced lifter stronger is that she has more fast-twitch muscles and a brain that communicates with them faster and with more intensity.


Saving yourself from falling depends on the fast reactions of your brain, nervous system, and muscles. In older people, this brain reaction is delayed by a split second which is enough to increase their incidence of falls.

The Overhead Squat Press, which is the safest exercise for developing speed, will train you to accelerate your reactions and to prevent them from ever slowing down.


Leanness is the optimal percentage of fat to muscle. Most of our female clients, from teenagers to seniors, are 35% to 45% fat when they first come to us. Some months after they get down to 20%, they would return with 25% to 30% body fat.

We came to realize that being average, which is 20% body fat, doesn’t motivate people to maintain that level. If they achieve excellence, on the other hand, they have something to fight for.

Good Posture

Good posture is one of the most essential factors in life. When our bodies are perfectly aligned, we move with ease and are free of pain. As soon as we lose perfect alignment, all of this changes—tension appears, movement becomes awkward, and pain sets in.

Learn about the science and methods of getting a perfect posture.

Ideal Body Weight

People’s bodies are different. They may achieve the recommended Standard of Leanness, but still do not like the way they look, seeing themselves as either too stocky or too bony. “I’m lean, but I look like a truck driver.” or “I look anorexic.”

To take into account people’s different body structures, in The Happy Body we’ve identified thirteen possible body types and helped people develop an exercise and diet program for their specific type.

Exercise at home

The Happy Body program frees you from fitness fads and trendy classes, it frees you of having to hit the gym, and of wondering whether to run, bicycle, or do both for hours a day. Instead it helps you build a sustainable healthy routine, measure your progress, and learn to love your healthy lifestyle.

All you need is light dumbbells and a comfortable space

A daily routine for lifetime. A 30-min a day hygiene for your health

Science-based standards and a clear path to progress