Mastering Timing in The Happy Body Food Plan

Outlines the science and wisdom of weight loss and fat loss by eating everything hours, the key losing fat without losing muscle and keeping your blood sugar stable. This is the first step in mastering The Happy Body lifestyle.

No Sweat

The fallacies of abusing your body by overeating, overusing, over-exercising, sweating.

Enduring vs. Charging

Explores the difference between sprinters and marathon runners as example of youth-preserving vs. aging exercise practice.

No Basta to Pasta

A bunch of tomatoes in a windowsill

Explores cultural influences and emotional attachment to “soul food,” suggesting how to modify comfort foods to embrace a healthier diet plan.

A bunch of tomatoes in a windowsill

The Happy Body Mama: Finding the golden mean

Shows how to adjust THB exercises in every trimester of pregnancy, with attention to diet and physical changes, offering inspiration for mothers during nine months of performance.