If now is the time and you want to be fit and healthy–for life–we have the knowledge and skill to help you.


For three decades, our gym was known as “the last stop” for anyone with a health problem that couldn’t be solved. Clients with chronic fatigue, “permanent” injuries, supposedly incurable conditions, constant weight regain (or loss) all found the solution with The Happy Body.

Before coming to see us most of them were hopeless. Sometimes it took just months, and other times years of careful attention and work brought the client to health.

Together we helped them create a good life that was sustainable, so they would continue to improve over time as they aged with youthfulness and vitality.

We know that you can always get better. All we need is your time and willingness to enjoy the process of improvement.

Aniela & Jerzy Gregorek
Creators of The Happy Body

Why The Happy Body Community?

Ensure results in the program by becoming a member of The Happy Body Tribe, where you can benefit from a wealth of resources and support.


Meet and interact with other Happy Body practitioners near you and around the world. You can find other practitioners on a world map, add your profile, swap recommendations for restaurants and products, create poetry, share recipes, and contribute your own story of evolving with The Happy Body.
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