As a sufferer of chronic pain, and desperate for relief, I began the Happy Body Program lifting 3 lb. weights and seriously doubting it would even make a dent.  Six months after meeting Jerzy, I was virtually pain free, not using any pain meds, eating better, looking fantastic, happier, stronger in mind and body… glowing.  His mentorship as a friend as well as health trainer formed the bedrock of my life as a youthfully aging woman and actor.  After 25 or so years of knowing Jerzy and The Happy Body, I am leading others on their journey through changing long held unconscious patterns into a system for health and happiness, strength and softness, and erasing the fatalist beliefs that fads or failures have ingrained into our culture and our own minds.  I have worked with those morbidly obese, with eating disorders, menopausal, Parkinsonian, yogis, actors, and athletes.  All find that The Happy Body is the routine to enhance or transform their diet and exercise needs.  A simple program isn’t always easy, but eventually an independence of one’s health can absolutely be achieved, as it has for all of us engaged in The Happy Body.  My commitment is to help you to learn your sabotaging patterns and squash them, gain lean strength comfortably (and possibly beyond your wildest expectations), to age gracefully, eat and move with joy, and achieve that independence to finally stop searching for the next new thing. Located in Studio City, CA. 

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