Eddie’s Why

Living The Happy Body lifestyle will help you improve flexibility, strength, gain more energy and reach your ideal bodyweight through proper eating, exercise and recovery. I’m grateful to Aniela and Jerzy Gregorek for creating a simple, holistic program that makes it easy to implement into your daily routine. The Happy Body has helped me tremendously.

My love of sports and the outdoors, along with time spent in the military and as a Division 1 lacrosse player, put a toll on my body. I experienced back, knee and shoulder pain from overuse and injuries. After practicing the Happy Body program, the aches and pains are gone or have significantly improved. I’ve enjoyed the benefits of improved flexibility, strength and reaching my ideal bodyweight. My training and experience in mentoring veterans and others led to my interest in becoming a Happy Body mentor. My goal is to help people create the foundation for lifelong health so that they can enjoy the activities they love to do.

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