Margaret’s Why

My discovery of The Happy Body, and the work of Jerzy and Aniela, is one of the most positive things that have come into my life in recent years. Even the name is just right – who doesn’t want a happy body? It says so much more than ‘fit’, or ‘healthy’, or ‘lean’. I think that the understanding developed over the years by Jerzy and Aniela is quite special – that our bodies need to do a comprehensive system of movement daily, and that rest and recovery is essential. So they built The Happy Body system so that both movement and rest are intrinsic to the whole and there is no artificial separation of mind and body – it’s all body. The programme is based on a lifetime’s experience, sound principles and a philosophy that understands how everyone can benefit. My body has benefited a lot from The Happy Body and the consistent practice of the programme, and I want to share this with anyone who wants to learn how to bring the benefits of THB into their lives.

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