Meredith’s Why

My journey with The Happy Body began with an inspiring episode of The Tim Ferriss Show featuring Jerzy and The Happy Body. My husband and I began THB program the following week and experienced dramatic changes in our bodies, minds and overall approach to life as a result. As a working mother, finding a healthy balance is one of the greatest challenges for me. The Happy Body has given me freedom by providing me with tried and true practices that ensure my body gets what it needs in terms of physical movement, nourishment and restoration in a way that complements and doesn’t compete with the time I want and need to spend with my family and in my professional life.

Before becoming a mother, I was an avid Crossfitter and pseudo-runner. After having my daughter, my work and family responsibilities made it impossible to return to the Crossfit community in a way that allowed it to be the stress-relieving activity that it had been before. I also wasn’t having the same physical results that I’d experienced before, and, as a new mom, I wanted to be gentler with myself in my approach to physical activity. Enter: The Happy Body.

Within six months, I’d lost the baby weight and then some. My body became leaner than I’d been since I was a teen and just felt happy (rather than perpetually sore). My husband lost 40+ pounds and has found new energy and passion for staying healthy and taking care of himself. We’ve both learned how much is “enough” when it comes to food and adopted better practices for preparing meals for our family. We are setting an amazing example for our daughter who started mimicking The Happy Body movements with us at age 2!

While we aren’t perfect every day, we have found a toolkit in The Happy Body that allows us to make more hard choices than easy ones. I have also become kinder to and more patient with myself in every respect.

As you can see, our family has benefitted immensely from The Happy Body. I became a mentor to deepen my own knowledge and to help others find their own freedom and path to having a Happy Body, and I look forward to working with those who are seeking additional support along their unique journeys.

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