Nico’s Why

What is enough?

How many diets and exercise programs have you followed? Are you getting better or worse?

I’ve spent the last ten years in search of systems that focus on consistently and continuously improving quality of life. These systems had to be measurable and autonomous. Enter ‘The Happy Body’ program, as designed by Jerzy and Aniela. This program is guaranteed to help you dive deep into your own belief and value system, in order to discover what is enough, and supply the tools necessary to become ‘The Happy Body’.

The process of becoming ‘The Happy Body’ will move you to choose micro-progression over immediate gratification, and consistency over intensity. Over time these choices become habitual and therefore will not only transform your body but also your personal and professional life.

The questions you need to answer is: Have you had enough? Are you ready for systemic lasting change?

If your answer is ‘Yes’; then I’m here to help.

Inspiring permanent change and transformation is my passion. I know that no single approach is the right approach for every individual, so I’ve trained extensively and have professional accreditation in Neuro-linguistic Programming, Neuro-Semantics, and Neuro-Modulation. As well as over 6000 hours of professional education with multiple academic degrees in Spirituality.

I currently live in South Africa and work with clients worldwide.

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