I was looking for a way to optimize my sports routine with the ultimate goal in mind. You might have seen videos of older people dancing like there is no tomorrow at a wedding.  As a passionate Salsa dancer, I want to be one of these people when I’m 80. So what is necessary to get there? When I encountered The Happy Body, I knew I found one of the possible answers. To get the body to a happy place and keep it there, we train it, nourish it, and make sure we get enough rest. That all sounds good and is in some way obvious, but what is enough? Enough training, enough food, and enough rest? And that’s where THB had me. It’s transparent. How flexible and powerful I should be and how much I should ideally weigh given my height. The numbers help me keep myself accountable for my journey. Now, what´s the catch? It requires patience, committing 30 minutes every day to improve over time. As a mentor, I want to help people interested in achieving their happy bodies. Results already show after weeks, but we´re in it for the long run. That´s where the great reward will be apparent – similar to compound interest in investing. And in my case, fingers crossed, dancing at a wedding like there is no tomorrow when I’m 80.

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