The most potentially damaging myth about exercise is that its main purpose is to burn calories. This eliminates any joy associated with the activity, making it obsessive and stressful. In addition to discouraging people from actually exercising, this myth also stifles improvement.

The Happy Body returns joy to the practice of exercise, helping to infuse your body with a sense of dignity. You cannot fall in love with burning calories but you CAN fall in love with exercise, the RIGHT KIND of exercise, properly executed.

Exercise should relieve the stress that is accumulated on a daily basis, rather than add to is. The approach is one of mindfulness, so the minds is focused at any given moment on what the body is doing.

The Happy Body Exercise Program involves 18 different exercises, each of which can be done at five different levels. The daily routine is performed in a series of three sequences, which combine all the exercises for optimal effect – six different exercises in each of the three sequences, for a total of 18 exercises. For further detail and explanation, please consult the appropriate pages in The Happy Body book. Always consult with your physician before engaging in any exercise program.

Please note that, like any exercise program, The Happy Body should be approached gradually, allowing your body to adapt itself to the new routine. Enjoy the process of learning, without pushing yourself to lift more weight, to move to the next level or to go faster before your body is ready for it. This could result in injury, slower progress or even ultimately failing with the program.

Approached correctly, this exercise program will bring you much pleasure and satisfaction, in addition to improved health and greater youthfulness.

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