Gib Myers (66-year-old retired venture capitalist)

As a result of working with Jerzy for the past 3 1/2 years, I was able to stand in front of 60 friends at my 65th birthday and say that I had better health, was stronger, and more flexible than I was at my 60th birthday. What more could one ask for?

It was first my wife that began The Happy Body program. I became inspired by the testimonials in the back of her program binder. What caught my attention was the increased flexibility the testimonials talked about. My flexibility was decreasing, and I could not squat beyond the point where my thighs were horizontal to the ground. So, I started with Jerzy shortly thereafter, and came into it thinking my weight was okay, it was just my flexibility that needed some work. After all, I had a regular cardio and weight routine that I thought was pretty rigorous.

Needless to say, the first meeting was an eye-opener. Although my weight was only 10 pounds too high, the percentage of body fat to muscle was all wrong. After sticking with The Happy Body routine for only about 3 months, improvement came quickly. I moved to more rigorous days of press squats and squat presses. I began to really love the routines and began to see noticeable changes in my squatting, flexibility, body shape, and posture. As I write this, I have dropped 10 percentage points in body fat – some 19 pounds of fat – while adding muscle, and my body is definitely in better shape.

There were definitely times of disappointment, though, where my progress slowed, primarily because there were minor injury setbacks along the way. My tendency is to want to push through it very hard, but Jerzy was especially helpful in teaching me how to back off of a portion of the routine when injured, and perform it until it did not hurt. From there, I could slowly build my way back up. As a result of learning to do this, I feel I actually get stronger after recovering from a setback.

The feedback from others has been very positive, too. Not that it’s the most important part, but it has been really nice when, say, a masseuse compliments me on my back muscles or when a friend is suddenly amazed at how strong my arms look. It has, at times – particularly at the beginning – been a powerful motivator to stick with the program.

My wife and I continue to be enthusiastic about The Happy Body program. We anticipate that the exercises and diet will be part of our daily routine for life.

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