If you’ve been looking for a proven, efficient, and mindful approach to exercise, with the promise to make you better over time, you’re in the right place.

What makes The Happy Body Different?

No cardio or endurance training.

We don’t want to endure anything in life, we want to engage and be mindful. Endurance training burns muscle, speeding up the aging process.

No vagueness or guesswork.

Every component of the program is 100% measurable, helping you know where to focus your energy and delivering consistent results. Know exactly how much to eat, how much to lift, and how to avoid injury.

No sweat.

A Happy Body is sweatless. The exercise program wasn’t created to make you sweat. THB focuses on helping you improve the 6 qualities of youthfulness: flexibility, strength, speed, leanness, ideal body weight, and good posture.

How to get started:

Step 1) Read our book – The Happy Body

The recommended starting point for anyone new to The Happy Body is to get a copy of the book in print or ebook format.

The book covers everything you need to know about The Happy Body Program:

Step 2) When you need support we are here to help

If you have more questions, email us at jerzygregorek@gmail.com.

JERZY AND ANIELA GREGOREK, Creators of The Happy Body

The Happy Body is the only exercise program in the world that helps you know exactly how much is ENOUGH and how to test and measure it scientifically.