How Do You Use Your Chi Energy?

Water Rippling Energy Outwards

Are you fully harnessing your Chi energy when you exercise? Here are some things to consider to make your exercise routine more focused.

Water Rippling Energy Outwards

Fake it Until You Make it?

Is it possible to learn compassion, loyalty, or even being angry? Generally, we learn from those around us – we naturally imitate the people we interact with. As children, we don’t have any choice regarding who our parents or siblings are or even our teachers. Children of doctors often become doctors because they’re encouraged in […]

Is It Better to Be Smart or Lucky?

Human beings are naturally judgmental and this quality has served us pretty well. Our ancestors had to negotiate their environment, constantly assessing the people they encountered, determining if their intentions were friendly or malicious. They had to learn to adapt to harsh conditions to endure and outlast all adversity. The best proof of their success […]

Being Above the Noise

With the holidays approaching, we’re receiving countless messages that steer us toward consumerism. Buying more “stuff” that makes us even more stuffed. This really doesn’t make us happy. Instead, it makes us feel heavy, dissatisfied, living in an environment of clutter and chaos. 

Is the Intellect a Muscle?

Since birth, we’re given structures to develop and grow within. Parents, teachers, and coaches impart their knowledge and wisdom and we become a reflection of their teachings. A big part of how we change and evolve lies in mimicking, and if we’re lucky, we encounter good role models. As adults, we’re largely on our own. […]

Pay it Later

When I was twenty, at the beginning of my marriage, I was preoccupied with saving money to eventually own an apartment. I opened a bank account and every month I’d set aside a small amount from my modest income instead of going to restaurants or on vacations. Jerzy laughed at me. He was already in […]

Staying Mindful on Your Trajectory to a Happy Body

How to Lose Weight You’re on a fast-moving train, comfortable on the plush seat, gazing out the window, embarking on an adventure. You have your ticket, your itinerary, and are confident in your destination. You’re excited and eager to see what this day on the journey will bring you. But what if your destination shifts […]

Decoding: BMI vs IBW & IBP in Weight Loss

How Not to Lose Weight (part 1) You’re probably familiar with BMI (Body Mass Index), but you may not be aware that it’s an outdated measurement. It was invented in the 1830s by a Belgian astronomer using calculations involving weight and height. But this formula doesn’t account for gender or the relationship between fat and […]

Do you know when you’re depressed?

Many of us have been there, it’s a feeling that life is pressing you down. Sometimes it’s feeling overwhelmed by what’s happening around you. Anxiety is easier to recognize because we’re aware of our fears. The expression is more in the open, whereas the numbness of depression is camouflaged and can be functional. Sometimes there’s […]

Marvelous Hero – Writing Your Own Script

It is our ritual to start our classes with a question to our students: Use one word to describe the most important thing that you want to get out of our class. We write a list of these words on a blackboard: mindful, energetic, flexible, lean, etc. It’s usually an interesting list filled with physical, […]