A Contained Life: Emptying Yourself for Fulfillment

How many times have we heard and said ourselves, “I’m so exhausted after my vacation, now I need another vacation to rest.” As funny as it sounds, this reveals the truth about how we misuse our precious free time.  When you explore the word “vacation,” it exposes the hidden root “vacant,” where you empty yourself […]

A Stranger in the World – Creating Your Own Blue Zone

No matter how many people you have in your life, when it comes to deciding on your lifestyle, it is you and you alone making the choices. Sometimes we’re lucky enough to be raised by parents who instill good habits in us. Maybe we marry someone who brings positive patterns into the relationship, or we […]

Who’s Calling? Good Stress vs Bad Stress

You hear the phone ring in the other room. The sound is subdued and you wonder if you’re imagining it. But it’s persistent. Ring, ring, ring… Now you have a choice: You can either pick up the phone and find out who’s calling and why, or you can just sit there, “ignore it” and let […]

Losing Weight and Losing Your Old Self | Eat for the Future You

Whatever motivates you to start on a path of self-improvement is great. Whether for the vanity of having a six-pack or the health goal of lowering your cholesterol, losing weight is never just about weight loss. It’s about losing the limited, old self when you make the decision that you don’t want to be “this […]

The Key Exercise of The Happy Body

Are you one of those people who believes that a big muscle is always a strong one? If this were true, two people of the same age, weight, and body type would lift more or less the same number of pounds, which isn’t a given.

The Most Intimate Relationship You Will Ever Have

What would you consider to be your most intimate relationship in life? Most of us have an answer ready to blurt out quickly, but it’s not as easy as it seems at first. When I started exploring this question with friends, most mentioned their relationship with their mother. I understood the choice immediately—she was the […]

The Speed of Youthfulness

Why would a seventy-year-old ever need to be fast? First, you have to examine the six qualities of youthfulness: flexibility, strength, speed, leanness, ideal body weight, good posture. These are qualities that all athletes have, and they all work in synch.

Immigrating to The Happy Body Ideal Weight: Standard #1

Guest post by Mariya Heinbockel Last year my husband and I started the Happy Body Program. Together we lost over 30 kilograms. We’ve been keeping our ideal weight ever since. But the transition was far from easy for us both, especially when it came to food choices. The following are true stories that mark our […]

Are Crutches Helpful?

How we avoid living a healthy lifestyle via distraction, entertainment, props and compensations, never mastering anything. The crutches we adopt are unhealthy fixes that will ultimately prevent us from recognizing our real problems.