Mastering Timing in The Happy Body Food Plan

Outlines the science and wisdom of weight loss and fat loss by eating everything hours, the key losing fat without losing muscle and keeping your blood sugar stable. This is the first step in mastering The Happy Body lifestyle.

Making Pierogis with Rinpoche

The story of how a monk came to make pierogis in a pre-Christmas celebration that turned to a discussion of Christmas trees, ritual, culture and perspective.

A Humble Bowl of Soup

How soup is both a fundamental nurturing memory for many and can be the staple for a fresh, healthy diet today (cooking strategy and recipe included).

Happy Body Holidays

The holidays are a repository of memories, many of them related to food. But the true meaning of holiday time is the gathering of family and friends, fun activities, reconciliation, and slowing down to rejuvenate.

Are you a Builder?

Explores the power of emotions and the line between passion and addiction, how community can ground us. Also looks at a fundamental misunderstanding of the concept of “freedom,” and how easily this can flip into compulsion.

Human Time

Befriending the concept of time for your advantage. Time doesn’t exist in the sense of a clock and numbers of hours in a day, but in seasons, cycles, biorhythms—you exist and you are having this human experience. How you use the time is essential.