The Happy Body
Exercise Program

Jerzy Gregorek performing a Happy Body exercise
Co-founder of The Happy Body, Jerzy Gregorek

The Happy Body Exercise Program involves 18 different exercises, each of which can be done at five different levels.

The daily routine is performed in a series of three sequences, which combine all the exercises for optimal effect – six different exercises in each of the three sequences, for a total of 18 exercises.

Below is a video that demonstrates all six exercises of Sequence One at Level One of Five.

Approached correctly, this exercise program will bring you much pleasure and satisfaction, in addition to improved health and greater youthfulness.

The six steps of every exercise

#1 – Inhale
#2 – Tighten (Stomach and Glutes)
#3 – Lift
#4 – Stretch
#5 – Return
#6 – Exhale and Release

What you need to get started:

A note about breathing:

Many people ask us about the breathing method we use in The Happy Body. Most of them aren’t familiar with this pattern of breathing and have been doing the opposite: exhaling on exertion. But this practice doesn’t allow for recovery.

The Happy Body exercise system is interval training. This means that you have a time for action and a time for rest, allowing the muscle to grow. Endurance programs, on the other hand, involve continuous movement, causing the consumption of muscle, because they don’t provide for rest between repetitions. The older we are, the more we must pay attention to this aspect of exercise, since muscles atrophy as we age.

Before each repetition, inhale and hold your breath during the entire movement, releasing at the end of the repetition. Inhale again and repeat the movement.

If you’d like to learn more about the The Happy Body breathing method please read the following blog post: Active Meditation

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